About Andreia Dias

Veterinary Surgeon and Entrepreneur

Hey there, colleague

I'm really happy to meet you :) If we are to work together, I reckon you probably want to know who I am, right? So here's a quick overview.


I graduated in Portugal and I started working in Scotland in 2015, three months after graduation. I worked in a variety of clinical roles, from mixed to referral, and I've been working with overseas colleagues since 2017, when UK VetMove became a bit more serious.


Currently I still work part-time as a clinician in the UK and in Portugal, but I do a lot more things in the meantime :)

My Story

Crazy horse lady led me here, crazy cat lady is my thing now...

I became a vet because I was passionate about animals, horses in particular. The choice of moving to the UK was not a strategic choice, but I thought to make the best out of the experience.

It wasn’t easy! I made some mistakes that cost me time and money, and I wasn’t prepared for what I was going to face. I went from a completely inexperienced vet that had never put a catheter in a dog to a competent vet because of two main factors: one, I was very lucky with my first job; two, I had the right mindset to grow, so I was able to see what I had accomplished instead of what I couldn’t do.


But it wasn’t all flowers and rainbows. The profession is demanding and I was coming to the understanding that clinical work wasn’t my true passion. I diverted into feline behaviour, for which I now hold an Advanced Certificate, and built UK VetMove.

My mission is to give every vet the best opportunity to create the career success and lifestyle they want in the UK.

Why work with me?

Hey, I’m just a girl crazy about horses and cats… But having gone through the challenges of moving to the UK and having friends going through the same, I realised how lonely and difficult the journey can be. It’s already hard enough to be a vet! Since 2017, I have helped dozens of vets in finding a job that they really want and dealing with the hardships of the job, feeling confident and in control of their career.


Qualifications and Awards:

  • Master’s in Veterinary Medicine
  • ISFM Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour
  • Finalist of the BVA Young Vet of the Year Award 2019
  • BSAVA 2021 Congress Speaker
  • Experience in: mixed practice, feline-only practice, referral practice (internship) in Scotland and Portugal


Working together

Here's how we can work together:

Job Search and Relocation Support

I can help you find the job you're looking for and plan your journey to the UK - and we're talking about things like visas and finding a house, not just a job! Send me your information and we can see if you are eligible to find a job and move to the UK or if you still have steps to do before.

Clinical Support and Adaptation for UK Practice

Do you need to prepare for the RCVS Exam? Or you're struggling with your first UK job? Been there, done that, and happy to share with you how I made it all work out for myself. Have a look at UK VetSTART and see if you need a crash course or a new graduate programme :)

Speaking and Individual Mentoring

Students, colleagues, employees? I love to talk and I love to teach vets how they can love their job. I give regular webinars and workshops and can create bespoke content. My favourite things to talk about are how to adapt from University to "real life" practice and owning the consultation.

If you're a vet looking to go one step further, my individual mentoring programme is guaranteed to turn you into a professional loved by the clients and colleagues!

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