The essential workshop to understand UK practice.

The Induction to Practice Workshop is part of our UK VetSTART programme to teach you how to be seen as a professional, solve your cases, deal with clients and get along with the team. 

Live Sessions


Clinical refresher

More than 35 hours of recorded webinars

Almost 50 hours of CPD

Why Non-UK trained vets struggle with UK practice 

Beginning your career in the UK is nerve-wrecking and can make you feel very nervous. What if you don’t know what to do with your cases? What’s the vaccination protocol for the practice? Who can you ask help from? Are the nurses allowed to do sedate your patient without you there? What are the rules you have to follow if you want to prescribe some phenobarbital to your epileptic patient? Why are your colleagues talking behind your back? Why did that client complain when they had told you everything was fine? Will you lose your license if you accidently give 10x the dose of meloxicam and your patient goes into acute renal failure?…


These questions can haunt you and make you feel worried about going to work. It’s much better to learn from someone else than from making mistakes in this case!


And that’s why you should take this workshop, so you can work on:


The Induction to Practice Workshop teaches you how the UK system works.


We cover the main culture differences that are the biggest barrier for your client and team relationships.


We cover basic clinical skills expected in UK practice and the standards of practice that are commonly used.

Covering four areas for success

Our 8-week workshop focuses on four main areas that are essential for your quick adaptation and gives you the chance of overcoming your particular difficulties by taking advantage of the individual mentoring session with Andreia.


The live sessions are delivered over 4 weeks but you have access for twice as long so you can hop in and ask questions. We use blended learning and give you 35+ hours of webinar-based content (recorded) covering all common clinical presentations in practice. 

Weekly live sessions 

Taking place every Monday at 8PM London time, there are four different sessions that repeat every month.

  • Code of Conduct, legislation and delegation

    How to comply with the Code of Conduct and effectively delegate in practice.

  • Prescription and use of drugs, controlled drugs, empirical antibiotic choice

    How prescription and controlled drugs work in the UK, how to choose antibiotics that work.

  • Consultation methods. The euthanasia appointment

    Optimising the consultation for increased client compliance and satisfaction. Empathetic euthanasia.

  • Culture differences

    Understand why clients and colleagues behave like they do. How to adapt to the UK system and make it work for your advantage.

Clinical refresher on all common clinical presentations

Distance-based course with webinars covering the typical UK approach of most common presentations found in practice:

  • Anatomy and physical examination
  • Collection of history
  • Client communication and informed consent
  • Vaccination and prophylaxis
  • Routine surgery
  • Anaesthesia
  • Common emergencies
  • Dental disease
  • Skin disease
  • Gastrointestinal presentations
  • Infectious diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Urinary presentations
  • Neurologic presentations
  • Orthopaedic presentations
  • Oncology

Individual mentoring for consultation skills 

One session included with Andreia to practise your consultation method.

  • Roleplay of common cases.

  • Individualised feedback.

  • Guidance on how to get clients to happily agree to your tests and treatments.


UK VetSTART - Induction to Practice Workshop

One single payment for 2 months of access - or 2 monthly payments for extra flexibility!

  • Clinical refresher course, more than 35 hours of recorded webinars

  • Weekly live session, so you can also ask your questions and doubts

  • All previous recordings, so you can go back in case you missed anything

  • Individual roleplay and mentoring, so you get the help YOU need and improve your consultation skills

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New to UK practice? Start on the right foot

Gain access for two months to almost 50 hours of content to help you succeed at UK practice.

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