Preparing for UK Practice and UK Life

We are going through a unique time in history. The profession is becoming more exciting and more challenging. We believe in happier vets. We believe in you. O

Our programs exist to help you achieve your true potential and life your best life as a veterinarian and as a human.

UK VetSTART - Virtual Internship


Preparation for UK Small Animal Practice

The UK VetSTART program is your own virtual internship to help you prepare for UK small animal practice and become confident, competent and independent. Inside this monthly membership you will find:

  • Webinars on how the veterinary profession works in the UK
  • Weekly clinical revisions
  • Case discussions
  • Imaging rounds
  • Clinical quizzes
  • Online courses for medicine, surgery and ultrasound
  • Monthly workshops on clinical and non-clinical topics
  • And we keep adding more :)

BONUS: all previously recorded content is automatically available!

Induction to UK Practice


Understanding the UK Profession

This essential virtual workshop offers four live sessions that cover the principles of UK practice and how the profession works, including:

  • Understanding and safely interpreting the Code of Conduct, delegating to the veterinary team
  • Prescription, use of medication, controlled drugs and empirical antibiotic choices
  • Consultation methods, the euthanasia appointment
  • Professional systems in the veterinary healthcare
  • Understanding culture differences

On top of that you also receive one individual mentoring session.

BONUS: clinical refresher with more than 20 hours of webinars!

RCVS Registration and Examination


How to Register with the RCVS and prepare for the Examination

This free course covers the process of registering with the RCVS and provides extra support with:

  • Preparation for the RCVS Examination
  • Support for the English exam preparation
  • Resources to prepare for the different parts of the exam
  • Help to prepare for the OSCEs
  • Help to find places to see practice
  • Templates to communicate with practices for visiting

BONUS ACCESS to our UK VetSTART course that helps to prepare for UK Small Animal Practice.

Goal Settings and Achievement


Using goal settings to be happier

This virtual workshop led by vet and life coach Dr. Sara Gouveia covers the science behind goal setting and achievement and provides practical exercises to help you in your day-to-day practice to make these have a positive influence in your life. Want to feel like you're growing? This workshop is for you. Included you have:

  • Access to a workbook with the exercises
  • Access to the recorded workshop
  • Ability to interact in the comments section

BONUS: directly contact with Dr. Sara for individual support.

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