Preparing Foreign Vets for a Clinical Career in the UK

Turn your UK Move into a Success for Your Veterinary Career.

Two Steps for success.

Starting a career in the UK can be rewarding, but it poses challenges before and after the relocation. UK VetMove is here to help you overcome those challenges.


Moving to the UK

This adventure has several steps and obstacles for you to overcome.

  • RCVS Registration. This step has just become more demanding and bureaucratic and you now need to prove your English skills. You may also need to take the RCVS exam. 

  • Job Search. Frustrating step when it looks like your applications aren't receiving replies or your interviews don't result in offers. Or worse, you can't find a suitable offer.

  • Immigration. With Brexit, anyone without leave to travel and remain in the UK must go through a visa application process, which delays your relocation.

The process now requires more skills, time and financial investment than pre-Brexit.



Creating a successful career

The number 1 reason for vets to "fail" at relocation is inability to adapt to the new culture and professional environment.

  • Laws and Regulations are very country-specific and your colleagues don't realise you're not familiar with them and treat you like you are.

  • Client communication is unusual, client behaviours are different from what you expect and you end up without being able to convince them to do diagnostics and worse, you start to receive client complaints and don't know quite why. 

  • Clinical differences. In UK practice, your list of differentials is different from your own country, not to mention the types of tests you have available and the procedures, which are often different (flank cat spays anyone?...) 

  • Teamwork is quite a struggle, with nurses being able to do tasks you didn't realise (and maybe don't trust them too). And also, why is the work environment so strange at times and why does it look like everyone is talking behind your back?... 

The ingredients of UK success for non-UK trained professionals.

About a third of the veterinary workforce in the UK has trained overseas, but many foreign vets are not where they want to be with their careers. If you don’t want to feel frustrated about the difficult transition, you need to get three things right.


Get the job you need for your career goals.

Understanding what you want and what you can get is fundamental to choose a workplace where you can thrive, make more money and maintain your mental well-being, not the opposite!


Prepare for the relocation. 

Visas, accommodation, travel, COVID...  A stress-free relocation is difficult to get and the wrong preparation can easily go over your budget for the move with unexpected expenses and mistakes.


Don't waste it once you're there. Adapt.

Despite what you may think, failure to adapt to the UK culture and work environment is the main reason why vets return to their home country without having achieved their goals.

What our colleagues say about us

“ It’s great having a conversation with someone that has gone through the same things you are going through right now, specially once you’ve made the decision of moving to the UK. UK VetMove was the reason why I finally decided to make the move to improve my career. Andreia has been more than helpful through the whole process and I feel she knows how to give good advice because she’s been on your shoes! ”

Beatriz Torresano

Vet from Spain

“ I initially started with the English lessons which were great and after seeing how beneficial they are and all the information Andreia is providing I felt sure to change to the mentoring program.
Andreia covered all the mandatory treats a new to the profession vet would have to deal with in the UK and other more advanced questions that came afterwards.
I sincerely thank you Andreia and I hope more new to the UK and to the profession vets will be lucky to join your mentoring programme. ”

Mina Pantazoni

Greek Vet

Some of the cool things that we do for you

UK VetMove was founded by a vet who has also moved abroad and needed to overcome many of your challenges. We exist to help you with your career options, your relocation and your new UK career.

RCVS Exam Preparation

You must register with the RCVS to work in the UK, and you may need to take their exam. This is typically difficult, which is why we help you prepare using content created for overseas vets wishing to practise in the UK.

Complete Job and Relocation

We will help you with job applications and private referrals so you can find a suitable job. CV, cover letter, interview preparation and ongoing support for your move to the UK are all part of this package. 

Induction to UK Practice

Before you get started with your UK career, you want to learn how it all works there. Rules,  delegation, culture, consultation methods, medicines, euthanasia and much more covered in this virtual workshop.

Small Animal  Internship

Want to make the best out of your career and start on the right foot? The internship was designed to provide you with ongoing support, your own graduate programme for all areas of work and UK life.


Find Out About How We Help Vets Like You Turn Their Career Goals Into Reality

Have a look at all of our services to find the one that suits your needs. We've been there, so we know what it takes to succeed. Chances are, we've already built it for you. If you can't find it... let us know!

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions.

Can you help me find a job?

Do I need to take the RCVS exam?

Can I work in the UK while I'm preparing for the RCVS exam?

Can you help me prepare for the RCVS exam? 

Yes, we run a support programme with different access levels for the different parts of the exam and we also partner with VetSwot to provide an online clinical course. Visit the RCVS page to learn more about it.

Do you run practical sessions on your internship programme?

Why can't I book a career development session?

Who We Are

UK VetMove was founded by Dr. Andreia Dias, a Portuguese vet that moved to the UK to work right after finishing university.

Dr. Andreia Dias


Founder of UK VetMove

Dr. Andreia studied in Portugal and moved to Scotland in 2014, where she started working. She has worked in different types of UK practice and also in Portugal. UK VetMove was born in 2016 out of her urge to help other colleagues overcome the challenges she had to go through herself and learn from her own mistakes.

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