The first step to work in UK practice.

If you are not registered with the RCVS, you are not eligible to work in clinical practice and you won't receive a formal job offer. 

Post-Brexit changes and requirements

Since 2021, the rules for EU vets to register with the RCVS have changed. Your degree is now only recognised if you graduate from an EAEVE-accredited university at the time of your graduation date. This means that several EU degrees are no longer recognised by the RCVS, such as the majority of veterinary degrees from Portuguese universities. If your degree is no longer recognised, you will need to sit and pass the RCVS Exam in order to register.


You now also need to send scores of an official English exam, such as the IELTS or the OET.

Exam preparation

In case you need to take the RCVS exam, a lot of doubts and questions start to creep up. Let's sort that out!

There are three parts to the RCVS exam. To learn how to prepare for them, we have set up a free course that you can follow with tips.


Remember too, if you don't need to prepare for the exam, you still need to go through the bureaucratic processes to register, including providing an English certificate.


A lot of the content is free access and it helps you guide your study and preparation.


We partner with VetSwot to provide you access to an online course to prepare for the first part of the exam. But you also gain automatic access to our free virtual internship to help you prepare for UK small animal practice with our course.


We provide a masterclass that covers the second part of the exam and how to understand the Code of Conduct.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a course to prepare for the exam?

Is your course free?

Do I need to do the RCVS exam?

Is the RCVS exam difficult?

How many parts does the exam have?

How much does the exam cost?

The fee for sitting the exam in 2020 was £2500.

RCVS exam examination preparation online course

The Online Course

Our free course has a series of resources to help you:

  • The steps you need to take to register with the RCVS
  • Whether you need to take the exam or not
  • How to prepare for the exam
  • Free resources to help you study
  • Help for seeing practice, including how to find practices and templates for you to use when contacting practices
  • Support for the English exam
  • BONUS: free access to our small animal virtual internship focused on UK practice


We are also developing more support with English classes, medical revisions and ongoing additions with community features so you can speak to other colleagues.

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